Villanova Fans Latest to Use Flint Water Crisis to Taunt Michigan

Kyle Koster

Villanova fans were confident headed into Monday night’s championship game against Michigan and that confidence was proven to be well-placed. The Wildcats obliterated the Wolverines over the final 30 minutes of play to capture the school’s second national title in three years.

One Villanova supporter opted to show team pride by using the Flint Water Crisis to taunt Michigan.

The #Facts Only hashtag proved to be counterfactual as the Wolverines ended up jumping out to a 21-14 lead.

Something about the natural disaster, which killed at least a dozen people and devastated a community, appears to resonate very loudly with college-aged kids in the run-up to a big game.

Last fall, Penn State students compared Flint’s water quality to the quality of Michigan’s quarterback play.

Ohio State fans also used the situation to take a shot at the sexual health of Michigan’s female student population.

I’m not the joke police nor do I have any interest in such a position. People have varying senses of humor and sensitivities. One universal truism, however, is that if you press the envelope so aggressively, you’re going to get some blow-back.

This particular edgy brand of comedy has impressive staying power and a clear target audience. Perhaps there’s no surprise that people are still cracking wise behind closed doors about the tragedy four years after it rose to national news, but it is a bit jarring to see it promoted and celebrated.