Vikings Got Totally Screwed by Absolutely Terrible Roughing the Passer Penalty vs. Lions

Jared Goff
Jared Goff /

The Detroit Lions traveled to Minnesota to take on the Vikings on Sunday with a lot at stake. If they leave with a victory, Detroit will be divisional champions for the first time in several decades. If they lose, there will be a lot of "Same Old Lions" noise, especially given they're facing Nick Mullens under center for the Vikings.

The Lions got off to a solid start by scoring a touchdown on their opening drive (a legitimately impressive feat against this Brian Flores unit) but gave up a TD on the following possession and then both offenses sputtered to a halt. They traded punts and interceptions until Jared Goff got the offense moving a bit early in the second quarter. He had quite a bit of help in that regard from the referees, however.

After a Vikings punt Goff found Amon-Ra St. Brown for a long completion and a first down. A few snaps later Goff was sacked for a massive loss, followed by a delay of game, that led to the rare second-and-26 graphic. Goff threw a short pass to Sam LaPorta to try to get some yards back. He got hit almost immediately after he threw the ball.

A flag was thrown for roughing the passer. It was a truly abominable call.

Good lord, man. In slow motion you can sort of see Goff's helmet getting clipped but at full speed there's no shot the refs saw that. There is no universe in which they should've thrown that flag. Which makes it even worse that it wiped out a 3rd-and-21.

The Lions would get a few more first downs and kick a field goal to go up 10-7. So not as bad of an outcome as it could've been for the Vikings, but they still got screwed out of defending a long third down that likely would've ended the possession with a punt. A tough scene.