Vikings Fan Thought Blair Walsh Made Field Goal, Had Celebration Turn Sad

Kyle Koster

The Minnesota Vikings were in great position to take a last-minute lead over the Seattle Seahawks in yesterday’s NFC Wild Card game. All Blair Walsh had to do was convert a 27-yard field goal attempt. A kick of that distance is almost a sure thing so you can understand why the boisterous gentleman above assumed the ball had found its way through the uprights.

His jubilant cry of, “we won, brother” was answered by a more keen observer who had watched the play to completion.

Watching someone go from Cloud 9 to the third circle of fan hell in a matter of seconds is jarring. When it takes place after four hours in subzero temperatures, it’s hard not to feel compassion. Until, of course, the camera operator speaks directly into the lens and tells Walsh that he’s “ruined little kids’ dreams.”

Something tells me little kids weren’t the only ones invested in the outcome of the game. There’s a proof to suggest a certain goatee-sporting adult was also quite affected by the botched kick.

[Vape Farley]