VIDEO: Young Yankees Fan Who Doesn't Want Machado is the Future of Sports Radio


Someone reached into Major League Baseball’s hot stove and found the pilot light. The San Diego Padres are now giving Manny Machado a big ol’ fat contract to come play baseball in perfect weather.

One young Yankees fan reacted to the news with the righteous fury of a man four times his age. He didn’t want Machado. He doesn’t want anyone. No new friends!

Little guy here is the future of AM sports radio. Or at the very least, he’s evidence that the platform will have a stable of callers for decades to come. And he’s adorably precocious enough that only a jerk would point out that his franchise hasn’t exactly shied away from bringing in big names for elsewhere through the years.

The kid who says Machado sucks? Well, he’s the future of Yankees bleacher season ticket holders.