VIDEO: We Almost Lost Jim Cantore to a Flying 2x4


The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore respects a good storm and isn’t afraid to face the elements. He is currently in Panama City Beach, Fla., smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Micheal, which is currently a Category 4 flirting with Category 5.

It goes without saying that standing outside during a hurricane is unfathomably dangerous. Some would also suggest it’s also unnecessary. To illustrate how quickly things can go south, check out this clip of a flying piece of wood narrowly missing Cantore during a live report.

That’s legitimately scary. Be it the adrenaline or just a pure appreciation of the storm, Cantore was deeply moved by the experience and unleashed a series of interesting noises.

Find something you love as much as the news loves perilous live shots during hurricanes.