VIDEO: Watch Xavier Rathan-Mayes of Florida State Score 30-Points in Less Than Five Minutes

Stephen Douglas

Xavier Rathan-Mayes, a Florida State freshman from Canada, scored 30 points in a loss to Miami on Wednesday. Well, actually he scored 35 points. The 30 points I’m talking about all came in the final 4:38 of the game. Trailing 62-44, Rathan-Mayes hit a three and then made his next seven shots. Rathan-Mayes scored 26 consecutive points and made 8 of his final 10 shots, including six 3-pointers. FSU lost by four, but he finished 10-19 from the field and added 5 assists and 4 rebounds.

Rathan-Mayes was ruled ineligible by the NCAA last season due to questions about his coursework in high school. In October VICE did a profile of the Canadian who was AAU teammates with 2014 NBA Draft picks Andrew Wiggins and Tyler Ennis. Rathan-Mayes and Wiggins both attended Huntington Prep in West Virginia.