VIDEO: Vontaze Burfict With Low Hit on Martellus Bennett, Gronk Later Flagged for Jawing at Him


Vontaze Burfict went low on Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett. Given that Burfict was suspended for the first three games of this year essentially as a lifetime achievement award for dirty play this play raised some eyebrows.

Just this week, in a profile by Bleacher Report’s Ty Dunne, Burfict talked about how he would have to start going low to adjust to the league’s emphasis against hitting opponents in the head:

"In high school, [Burfict’s high school coach Matt] Logan always taught Burfict to separate the man from the ball. Now, he believes the NFL is giving him no choice but to aim low, aim for the knees. “Even though I think going low is a coward’s way,” Burfict says. “But without getting a flag, that’s the good way to go about it. That’s what the NFL is making it into. I’d rather hit a guy up high than mess a guy’s knee up.”"

Later in the same drive, Rob Gronkowski jawed at Burfict (a development which had been building), and drew a 15-yard flag:

This game has featured chippiness on both sides:

Blount also got mixed up with Burfict after the Patriots went up big in the final minute:

It will be interesting to see if anything comes out of that Burfict/Bennett play going forward.

UPDATE: Maybe a fine is coming?