VIDEO: Umpire Will Little Goes Full Frank Drebin, Throws Out 3 Blue Jays


Umpires are hot, hot, hot right now and are going for all the headlines they can gather. Will Little, working home plate for today’s Oakland-Toronto game, saw Gerry Davis’ hook of Adrian Beltre and raised him two more.

First it was Blue Jays manager John Gibbons who got run for chirping from the dugout. Then Little, high on power, gave heave-hos to the battery of Marcus Stroman and Russell Martin a few pitches later.

If a hot dog vendor had been within shouting distance, he’d have been sent to the showers as well. If a groundskeeper had walked by holding a rake incorrectly, Little would have sent her off.

Now, to be fair, Gibbons was arguing balls and strikes from the sidelines — a no-no — and it’s tough to know what Stroman and Martin said. Still, throwing out three guys in rapid succession is not an umpire’s ideal situation. A guy can get a sore arm doing that.