VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Is A Broken Man in A Bad Place


Stephen A. Smith never makes the viewer work too hard to understand how he’s feeling on a particular topic. And our man is not dealing with the results of the NBA Draft Lottery particularly well. The longtime New York Knicks fan had visions of Zion Williamson, Anthony Davis, and Ja Morant dancing in his head, but awoke to a reality of R.J. Barrett — which is apparently a nightmare.

Here’s a downtrodden and defeated Smith working through his issues on Get Up.

Smith’s expression and demeanor are clearer in the warm light of day than they were last night when he posted this extremely dim video, presumably from the Game of Thrones editing room.

Smith’s reaction is indicative of the larger Knicks fanbase, of course, but that too is pretty amusing. New York had a 14 percent chance of getting the first pick. Phoenix and Cleveland had equal odds. But because the world ends at the Hudson River, Knicks fans just assumed they’d be getting Zion and the excitement he’ll bring with him.

What happened last night was always the most likely outcome.

Anyway, there’s no need to rub salt in a fresh would here. Here’s hoping Smith makes it through the day in one piece. Seems pretty touch and go at this point.