VIDEO: Skip Bayless Gives a Tour of His 'Undisputed' Home Studio


Just about everyone in the world is in some kind of quarantine right now, and that includes all your favorite sports studio show hosts. Everyone from First Take, The Herd, Undisputed, and every show in between has been calling in from their own personal sets to continue to discuss the business of sports despite the lack thereof.

Skip Bayless gave us a tour of his own home studio set-up on Wednesday afternoon. The biggest takeaway for me is that this madman gets up to work out and prep for his show at 2:30 in the morning. Some serious dedication to his craft.

He also takes two stairs at a time and has a horse racing trophy from his youth. Like him or not, Bayless is definitely one-of-a-kind and getting an inside look into his life is fascinating if you, like me, spend a good chunk of your time watching him battle Shannon Sharpe on a regular basis. I also wouldn't be surprised if he threw in comments about how Sharpe can't match him into regular conversation with his wife over dinner. The man just doesn't shut it off.

Hopefully this starts a trend. I'd love Stephen A. Smith to narrate a tour of his own home studio and take shots at Max Kellerman all the while, but I won't hold out hope.