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VIDEO: Scott Van Pelt's Interview With Luke Maye Crashed By UNC Teammates À La Theo Pinson


There are always risks when conducting a live interview with an athlete right after a big win. There could be cursing or smack talk (actually good) or even the dreaded moment where you call the player or team by the wrong name.

But when it comes to UNC, the biggest risk appears to be party crashing.

After the top-ranked Tar Heels dispatched No. 16 Iona, 88-73, in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, Scott Van Pelt organized an interview with UNC senior star Luke Maye. Only issue? The rest of the team joined in as well.

Kudos to SVP and Maye for making the most of the group interview, but if you were looking for some insight into UNC’s performance from Maye, you were left unfulfilled.

This harkens back to the eve of the 2016 National Championship game when prankster and current Brooklyn Nets forward Theo Pinson crashed Roy Williams’ press conference. It was a funny moment in a seemingly-stressful time, which showcased North Carolina’s relaxed attitude ahead of an NCAA final it wound up winning, 71-65, over Gonzaga.

Is Maye’s interview another good omen for the Tar Heels during March Madness? It’s too early to tell after only one round, but UNC is clearly feeling relaxed once again.