VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson Gave Spike Lee an Update on the Knicks Game from Oscars Stage


Spike Lee won his first “competitive” Oscar in last night’s surprisingly tidy and prompt Academy Awards. He delivered an impassioned speech which some people really enjoyed and others did not. Among the latter group is the president, who is up and tweeting about it.

But none of those things are important. What’s most pressing, including to Lee, is that his beloved New York Knicks broke an 18-game home losing streak by defeating the San Antonio Spurs at MSG Sunday night.

Lee was informed of the breaking news by an on-stage Samuel L. Jackson.

Truly a magical night. Remember kids, if you dream big, you can accomplish anything. And yes, I’m talking about the tanking Knicks messing up and winning a game, lessening their chances to get Zion Williamson.

Also, Samuel L. Jackson: not a terrible gimmicky choice to guest-host SportsCenter.