Video: Saints Linebacker Junior Galette Strikes Woman with Belt During Beach Melee


New Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette struck multiple people, including a woman, with a belt during a beach brawl back in 2013, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports.

An onlooker recorded the fight and posted the video to YouTube. In it, Galette delivers two blows to a woman in the midst of a larger scuffle.

"An NFL source told | The Times-Picayune on Saturday that the league is aware of the video and Galette’s involvement in the fracas. The Saints are aware of the situation. The NFL had no comment on the video. Galette’s agent Alvin Keels did not respond to requests for comment. The video opened with Galette, wearing a white shirt, white shorts, white shoes and sunglasses, fighting a man and then whipping him with a belt. As the fight broke up, Galette wildly swung his belt at onlookers. At the 14-second mark of the clip a woman wearing a swimsuit top and green shorts approached Galette, who again swung his belt, striking her at least twice. One of the onlookers shouted “You’re going to jail!” as Galette was escorted away. Galette reappeared at the 1:18 mark of the video without sunglasses and shoved several people before throwing a punch as two others fought. The recording lasts 1:44."

Galette was arrested back in January after a 22-year-old woman alleged he’d beat her. Domestic violence charges against him were dismissed in February.

Galette was slated to meet with the the NFL later this month to discuss his arrest.

On Wednesday, he apologized to Saints fans for the way he’s conducted himself this offseason.

"“Really, at this level, you can conduct yourself as good, as choir boy as you want, sometimes the trouble comes to you,” Galette said Wednesday of the January incident. “In that situation, there was nothing I could do. Everything, if I could do it all over again, there’s not much different that I can do as far as what this person wants for me out of my life. “You really don’t know what are the warning signs for that. If somebody’s going to cross you and try to take everything you have, basically, but it is what it is. I’ve learned my lesson, and I just want to play football again. That’s all that matters right now.”"

One has to think the emergence of this video will result in a more severe punishment, either from the league or the Saints.