VIDEO: Russian Fans Attacked English Supporters After Euro 2016 Match


Russia secured a tie with England in the teams’ UEFA Euro opener with a goal in extra time. Then all hell broke loose.

According to multiple reports, Russian supporters attacked English supporters, trampling women and children in the process.

Fans from both teams rioted earlier the day in Marseilles, leaving one person in critical condition.

Near the end of the game, a large explosion was heard on the ESPN broadcast and the network reported a flare was shot across the field as the final whistle sounded.

USA Today has a gallery of the ugliness and videos are slowly trickling onto social media.

While the sequence of events isn’t crystal clear, the result is an obvious black mark. Fears over security in the months leading up to the tournament were high and the fact that someone was apparently able to sneak an explosive device into the match won’t help quell fears.

Video shows the moment Russia fans ‘charge’ England supporters after Euro 2016 game — ITV News (@itvnews) June 11, 2016