VIDEO: Richard Sherman Drills Dan Carpenter, Is Somehow Only Flagged for Offsides


The end of the first half of Bills-Seahawks in Seattle was embarrassingly officiated. The Bills were lined up for a field goal, and Richard Sherman charged across the line and drilled Buffalo kicker Dan Carpenter. Sherman was flagged for being offsides, but not assessed a personal foul for either roughing the kicker, or a late hit.

After that, Carpenter had to come out for a play, so the Bills spiked the ball. On the ensuing play, the official was standing over the ball until there were about four seconds left on the play clock, and the Bills wound up getting penalized for delay of game.

Carpenter, who had made the kick on the play the Bills were flagged for, missed the 54-yard field goal at the end of the half after Buffalo was backed up.

The NFL had better hope that this sequence will wind up not having made a difference in this game’s final result. What a debacle.

UPDATE: The NFL acknowledges Sherman should have been whistled for a personal foul: