VIDEO: Randy Moss Asking If Antonio Brown Really Wants to Be a Raider, Without Irony


The above clip of Randy Moss asking incredulously if Antonio Brown really wants to be a Raider crossed my timeline and I thought it had to be taken out of context given his past own history of not wanting to be a Raider, but that was not the case. The full context can be seen here at the 6:20-mark:

“I’ve got a question for Antonio Brown,” Moss said. “Antonio Brown, the question is Do you really want to be an Oakland Raider? And the reason why I say that is they started out talking about his feet, now it’s to the helmet. But he hasn’t even showed up for his teammates. There are some younger guys in that facility that need Brown’s expertise coming from up-top about what he’s seen.”

While he neglected to mention it in the segment, Moss has firsthand experience of not wanting to be an Oakland Raider. In April 2007, this happened before he was traded to the Patriots for just a fourth round pick:

"Moss, 30, had not participated in any of the offseason conditioning sessions conducted by first-year Oakland head coach Lane Kiffin and the suspicion was that he would not show up for the start of training camp. Hoping to keep any distractions for his young head coach to a minimum, Raiders’ owner Al Davis decided that Moss had to go."

In two years combined with the Raiders Moss had 102 catches and 11 touchdown receptions. In his first year with the Pats, he had 98 catches and 23 TDs.

Obviously, the circumstances aren’t exactly the same. Brown just signed a new deal with the Raiders and even if his helmet grievance is understandable on some level it’s clearly diva-ish to be doing what he’s doing while the rest of the team is preparing for the season. That being said, if anyone knows what it’s like to not want to be a Raider, it’s Moss!