VIDEO: Phil Mickelson Hits Moving Ball Out of Frustration at U.S. Open


I can’t believe what I just saw Phil Mickelson do at the U.S. Open.

During the third round, Phil, who turned 48 today, had apparently had enough of his putting and on the par-4 13th hole after striking the ball once and missing the hole, he ran and hit the ball again before it had come to rest.

That is a two-stroke penalty that is given after he finishes the hole. Mickelson walked away with a 9, later changed to a 10, and will now likely hear from the USGA about “conduct unbecoming,” and could be disqualified.

While we’ve seen this from guys like John Daly, but it’s definitely not something I would expect from Lefty and even though it is humorous, it’s a bit disappointing.

Mickelson is a five-time major champion, and I understand that he is frustrated with his game and the fact that he has yet to win a U.S. Open, but come on, everyone is watching you Phil and you’re better than that.

UPDATE: Mickelson will not be disqualified because he was deemed to have not stopped or deflected the ball and instead continued to hit a moving ball.

That’s a very weird ruling by the USGA if you ask me and even though I enjoy Phil, it’s one I disagree with because the ball was moving away from the hole and he hit it back towards the hole. Had the ball not made it to the hole and he had it while it was slowing down, this ruling would have made more sense.

UPDATE 2: Phil said he was taking advantage of the rules because he didn’t want to keep hitting it back and forth.