Video of Stephen A. Smith Weighing In on Megan Thee Stallion Hug Controversy Is Everything You'd Expect


Megan Thee Stallion threw out the first pitch before the Houston Astros opener a few days ago and it was met with eyeball emojis and flames and all the types of things you would expect to see when something moderately interesting happens. David Hensley, a first baseman you may have never heard of before if you don't operate an American League-only fantasy baseball team, was somehow selected to receive the ceremonial hurl, which was neither good enough or bad enough to be remarkable.

I moved on with my life a few days ago, thinking we could all close the book on this event. But what I failed to appreciate at the time was that Stephen A. Smith would ADDRESS THE TOPIC in his Know Mercy podcast. Without spoiling any of the particulars, let em assure you that it's a bewildering 72 seconds that will send you on several journeys and shift violently in terms of volume so much that it sounds like Amin Elhassan doing an impersonation.

Smith's main point here is that Hensley shouldn't have let his glove dip down below Ms. Stallion's waist on the hug and he punctuates it with a bold new take on a Michelle Obama classic: the lower you go, the lower you seem.

Perhaps a braver or stupider person would offer any type of judgement on the hug in question beyond pointing out that he had a baseball glove on his hand at the time but you can just judge for yourself.

Sports punditry is in amazing place. The dramatic zooming in and out on Smith's face as he works his way through the bit is both entirely unnecessary and spellbinding. It's such a bizarre yet perfect cinematic choice that succeeds in hammering home the absurdity of it all.

Now, one small caveat to close. If by some chance you didn't find anything remarkable about Stephen A. Smith doing dizzying Hug-gate content then I sincerely apologize. This could very much be a me problem I need to work through because recently the sheer amount of snippets of confounding discourse has done a number on the ol' brain. There's a good chance this is the new and future reality but every so often it's interesting to notice how bizarre it is to have an internet connection and unfettered access to a person giving takes 95 percent of the time they aren't sleeping.