Video of Soccer Fans Around the World Going Wild After the John Brooks Goal

By Jason McIntyre

John Brooks scored, soccer fans roared, and minutes later, US 2, Ghana 1 was complete. Brooks, only 21, will be hailed as a hero all week, and eventually, someone will wonder if this is one of the five best goals in American soccer history. When you factor in everything – Ghana had just scored, the US was looking at a tie or perhaps a loss, Brooks was a substitute, etc – it certainly belongs in the Top 5 discussion.

At any rate, here’s a collection of videos from around the world of soccer fans celebrating the Brooks header off the foot of Graham Zusi. Alabama (1:16) represent!

Not seen: I bolted up from my computer chair, ran screaming around the house into the bathroom where my wife was giving the kids a bath, and pumped both fists wildly. I won’t soon forget it. Neither will they.

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