Video of Massive Tornado Destruction is Tough to Believe

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Devastating tornadoes swept through several states on Friday night. The full extent of the damage will come into focus in the coming hours and days, but the loss of life is significant. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said the death toll in his state could end up in triple digits. This morning's scenes from Mayfield are harrowing and tough to comprehend. A 19-second video provides a clear picture of a landscape totally erased in a matter of minutes.

The most arresting footage has come from a candle factory, which had 110 workers inside when the storm hit and was completely leveled. A surviving worker joined the Today Show to tell her story. It is believed up to two dozen of her co-workers were unable to make it out.

There are also reported casualties at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois.

Tornado Hits Amazon Warehouse In Edwardsville, Illinois
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First touching down in Missouri, last night's tornado was tracked continuously for 223 miles, four more than a 1925 storm that's held a world record for almost a century.