VIDEO: New Jersey Mall Easter Bunny Brawl

Stephen Douglas

" Easter bunny throwin the hands @ Newport Lmfaoo pt1 — Kev (@2jrb123) March 20, 2016 "

Easter is this coming Sunday, so families around America are dragging their children to their nearest malls to take pictures with the Easter Bunny. At Newport Mall in Jersey City, New Jersey, a fight broke out between some mall-goers and the guy wearing the rabbit costume.

Thankfully, somebody caught video from the second floor and it’s pretty amazing. A headless Easter Bunny throwing hay-makers and getting tackled while horrified families look on. You will never see such a grand fight visual as an Easter Bunny dropping his gloves.

No one knows exactly what caused this fight, but it is fairly likely that someone must have said the Easter Bunny at the Menlo Park Mall was more convincing.

[via Jersey Journal]