VIDEO: Mina Kimes Compared Cowboys to Discordant Whole Foods Buffet Plate

Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys' Offensive Line
Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys' Offensive Line / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Mina Kimes gave us a fun analogy this morning on Get Up when discussing the issues with the Dallas Cowboys. When asked who should take the blame for Dallas' disappointing season, she said it was like a buffet at Whole Foods: You load up your plate with a bunch of good food, but when you sit down, it's just four pounds of slop that doesn't really fit all that well together:

"You ever go to the Whole Foods buffet," said Kimes. "And everything looks good: You're like oh, mac and cheese, samosas, falafel. I like all these things. Then you walk out, and you look down, and you've got four pounds of slop. None of this works together. These are all things I like, but this is disgusting. That is the Dallas Cowboys. They have all the pieces. They have all the good stuff. But somehow, it's just four pounds of slop. And when you end up in that situation, who put all that together? It's the coach and the GM."

Upon first listening, I was skeptical of this analogy, but after chewing on it for a minute, it actually makes perfect sense. The Cowboys have all the ingredients that should make up a good football team. Two of the best offensive linemen in football, a great running back, a good-to-great (depending on the day) quarterback, and a receiving core that complements each other perfectly. They have good individual talent at every level of the defense.

And yet, like throwing dumplings, chicken broccoli alfredo, and turkey on your plate at Whole Foods, it just doesn't work. It's far harder to understand, in retrospect, why this Cowboys team doesn't work than your plate, but the end result remains the same. Thank you, Mina, for summing this up in such a concise and appropriate manner.