VIDEO: Mike Francesa Wants Gio to Stop Impersonating Him, Says He's 'Short' on Radio Ability

Ryan Glasspiegel

Mike Francesa was in the middle of a non-sequitur about the Taz and Moose CBS Sports Radio show and wound up talking the impressions Boomer Esiason’s WFAN morning co-host Gregg Gionatti (Gio) does of him. Francesa called Gios “short on ability” and made it clear he’s not a fan of the impressions.

“Stop with the impersonations of me,” Francesa bemoaned. “Enough already. God. Get some new material already. No wonder your show stinks.”

An example of the impression is at the 3-minute mark in this video:

Francesa would never admit it but all these feuds are oxygen to him. He needs them like he needs to breathe.