VIDEO: Michelle Beadle Has Stopped Watching Football


Michelle Beadle was indignant about Urban Meyer on Get Up this morning. In the segment above she first excoriated the media for the inability to outright say that Urban Meyer lied about not knowing that Zach Smith was accused of beating Courtney Smith, and said that this is part of the pattern that has led her to stop watching football:

"“There’s a reason why this will be the second season I don’t watch NFL and I don’t spend my Saturdays watching college football either. I believe that the sport of football has set itself up to be in a position where it shows itself in the bigger picture to not really care about women — they don’t really care about people of color, but we won’t get into that for NFL either — but as a woman I feel like a person who has been marginalized.” “And every single one of these stories that comes out, every single time, pushes me further and further away. I realize they don’t care, but for me it’s opened up my weekends. I appreciate you for giving that to me. I don’t care anymore. I’ve lost the ability to be surprised. You got three games. You could’ve been fired. They could’ve gotten away with not having to pay you a single dime. You survived it, and not only did you survive it, but you didn’t have the grace enough to at least look over the statement you were handed seven seconds before and pretend that you meant a single word in it. The entire thing is a disgrace. I’m just numb to it. I’m just ready for NBA to kick off, quite frankly. That’s what I’m here for.”"

Aside from some of the fringes of Buckeye Nation, my observation is that the university and Urban Meyer have made everybody icky throughout the last month, and amplified that on Wednesday night when he was emotionless in the press conference and the school’s own investigation uncovered what sure felt like a litany of fireable offenses.

That being said, it’s nonetheless remarkable that Beadle is saying she won’t spend her weekends watching football one day after ESPN announced 11 new football talent fixtures for Get Up this Fall. Consumers can of course make their own decisions about the clothes they wear, the food and beverages they eat and drink, and the content they watch, but Beadle’s decision here sure seems to be incongruent with co-hosting ESPN’s generalist morning program. How can she participate in these discussions if she didn’t watch the games? She will not have any credibility now if she discusses football on a panel, and that is going to have to be a big part of the programming over the next several months.