VIDEO: Michael Irvin Gives Legendary Hype Speech at Miami Hurricanes Rally


The U Used to be the most badass college football program in the nation. But honestly, when was the last time yoU really considered it a national contender?

Well, Micahel Irvin changed that with one thrilling speech.

Ahead of Miami’s showdown against No. 8 Florida to kick off the college football season, Irvin attended a rally for the Hurricanes and went slightly berserk, only in a good way, hyping up Miami fans like it was 1988 all over again.

“We’ll come into your house, put our foot on your throat, and snatch out your damn heart” is a pretty big statement, but if Miami pulls off the upset, we’ll know where the motivation came from. It won’t be easy and, quite frankly, it’s not expected to happen as Florida is a seven-point favorite in most sportsbooks. And yet, when one man comes out and makes that kind of speech at a rally, you can’t help but have hope. And motivation. And a desire to stick your foot on someone’s throat and rip their heart out. Proverbially. Not realistically. No one is trying to go to jail here.

PS: The U chain was a nice touch.