VIDEO: Matt Vasgersian Not a Fan of Bachelorette Parties at Baseball Games

Kyle Koster

ESPNMatt Vasgersian

“Is there anything more obnoxious than the bachelorette party at the ballpark,” he asked. “Congratulations, by the way. Yeah, we’re all very happy for you. It’s such a “look at me thing.” You’re sitting behind, like, the bridal party.”

Vasgersian then did his best impression of a person getting married, which overlaps heavily with a Woo Girl from How I Met Your Mother.

Jessica Mendoza and Alex Rodriguez, perhaps sensing the coming online blowback, had no interest in backing Vasgersian up.

As someone who had a very tame bachelor party at Wrigley, I’m not personally offended. But then again, his comments were directed at bachelorette parties. And it’s not particularly surprising that some people didn’t much care for it.

We can all agree that baseball needs all the fans it can get and that any fan who attempts to make his or herself the center of attention can be a bit annoying. Or we can fight about it. Either way.