VIDEO: Loyola Headed to the Final Four and Players Still Getting Mistaken for Random Dudes



The Cinderella run has introduced most of America to players it was blissfully unaware of just two weeks ago. And the story just gets better and better. Ramblers guard Ben Richardson added his own anecdote to the narrative during a postgame interview with Lisa Byington.

Standing next to teammate Clayton Custer, Richardson revealed that not everyone’s caught on to the Ramblers phenomenon. Or can tell the players without a scorecard.

“Let me tell you a story,” he said. “In the hotel yesterday a girl came up and said, ‘hey can I get a picture with you guys?’ She goes, ‘here, mister, can you take the picture?’ She handed the phone to him.”

At this point, Custer jumped in for the punchline.

“And she goes, ‘are you on the team?’ And I was like, come on, man.”

A week of Final Four coverage — and potentially two more games — should raise Custer’s profile. Although, with a game-winning shot and a 12.0 ppg average during the tournament, it’s unclear what else the guy can do.