VIDEO: JuJu Smith-Schuster Dances to "F--k Antonio Brown" Chant at High School Prom


The NFL seems to be on a quest to capture the earnest This League! crown from the NBA and therefore has increased its off-field drama exponentially. One of the main epicenters of conflict has been in Pittsburgh, where Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster used to be part of the same receiving corps before things got sticky.

Smith-Schuster went to a high school prom over the weekend after a fan reached out over direct message and said he was dateless. The two made quite a pair and then quite a scene when they showed up to the Chartiers Valley High School soiree.

A high school dude rolling into prom with a Steelers’ wide receiver sounds like a plot point ripped from This is Us. The difference is that the Big Three probably wouldn’t crowd around Lynn Swann while their classmates chanted obscenities. And someone would probably die, facilitating a good cry.

But I digress.

Here’s Smith-Schuster cutting a rug while the student body let the “f–k A.B.” chant breathe.

Obviously this is an interesting event and there’s no surprise that it’s peppering the blogs and reputable newspapers alike. But I can’t help but feel some empathy for all involved here.

First, what is Smith-Schuster supposed to do even if he doesn’t approve of the chant? Just stop dancing like in Footloose and walk away? That’s fairly unrealistic. One can’t take his moves as an endorsement of the message.

Secondly, it must be terrible to be a kid these days. You’re just trying to have fun at prom and the next thing you know you’re all over the internet with an explicit chant. Depending on how chill your parents are, this can be bad news in the discipline department.

Also, tough break for Brown, who was thousands of miles away, presumably minding his own business for once.