VIDEO: Jeff Triplette Messed Up Two Fumbles Within a Minute of Game Time


Jeff Triplette, widely regarded as the worst NFL official, made a call that cost the Chiefs three points and probably some field position in their Wild Card matchup against the Titans. But then he returned the favor for Kansas City.

Marcus Mariota was strip-sacked by Derrick Johnson and the ball was recovered by Justin Houston. However, Triplette ruled that Mariota’s forward progress had been stopped, which means the play was not subject to review.

This call was obviously incorrect. The strip and the sack all happened in the same motion, and it should have been Chiefs ball. Instead, the Titans were still in field goal range and cut their deficit to 14-3.

Less than a minute later, Travis Kelce was drilled and pretty apparently fumbled. This play should have been subject to booth review because it was after the two-minute warning, but the game was never stopped to check it.