VIDEO: James Harden's New Double Stepback Move Is Also An Outrageous Travel

Kyle Koster

James Harden, king of the stepback, has added a new twist to his signature move. It is not a double stepback. It is both unguardable and an egregious travel. Like, so much so that one has to wonder what the refs are watching if not a man doing a grapevine like ocean waves are nipping at his toes.

What a talent but also what a travel.

If he keeps getting away with this, The Harden Dance will be a staple of weddings receptions by spring, pushing out the Cupid Shuffle. Everyone will be doing the move, breaking the ankles of nearby octogenarians and testing their own ACL integrity.

Greatly looking forward to it.

And yeah, complaining about uncalled travelling in the NBA is profoundly lame. But at least this time I have some good company.