VIDEO: Jadeveon Clowney With a Brutal Hit, Then a Sack, Terrifying the Falcons


Jadeveon Clowney put on a brief show against the Atlanta Falcons late Saturday night, racing into the backfield and pulverizing a poor running back, and then registering a LOOK-AT-THAT-SPEED sack on the next play.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. He was the No. 1 pick overall because of plays like this. Reminder: When it counts, starting in September, offensive lines will also have JJ Watt to contend with. By late September, we’ll be wondering if this was the most devastating pair of bookend lineman since ____.

The Texans open with the Redskins on September 7th, and considering RG3 is coming off an injury and a terrible season, I’d assume they’re going to have plenty of 7-man blocking packages.

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