VIDEO: Islanders Fans Dress Up as Refs, Cheer Every Blown Whistle

The ref chats it up
The ref chats it up / Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Similar to basketball, hockey is currently in the doldrums of the regular season. Fans are just trying to make it to playoff hockey, one of the most exciting times of year in sports overall, much less hockey.

To help pass the time, some Islanders fans decided to have some fun. And by that I mean an entire section of fans dressed up in referee garb and cheer for every blown whistle and call by their fellow men in stripes.

It would seem this is not the first time it's happened, but it should definitely be a more regular thing at all sporting events, not just hockey. Really great stuff.

I'm sure the referees love this day, too. Not too often a section of fans is dedicated to cheering them for simply doing their jobs.