VIDEO: Hugh Freeze Coached, Did a Press Conference From a Hospital Bed


Liberty’s Hugh Freeze has been through a lot in recent years, much of it pretty strange. But nothing could compare the masses for what happened tonight as he coached his team against Syracuse from a hospital bed in the press box. Freeze, who is recovering from a serious staph infection that left him hospitalized earlier this month. found himself on the losing end of a 24-0 final.

And it was super surreal. Like, explaining the events that led to Dino Babers and Freeze sharing this moment postgame is daunting.

Then Freeze actually made himself available to the media postgame from that very bed. Here he is explaining what it was like. Spoiler alert: there were some challenges.

Look, there’s something to be said about wanting to show up to work. But maybe there should be some limits.

Liberty does have a long track record of courting the circus, so perhaps no one should be surprised.