VIDEO: Giannis Abruptly Walks Out of Presser After Malika Andrews Question

Ryan Glasspiegel

Giannis Antetokounmpo abruptly walked out of his post-game press conference tonight after the Bucks lost in Game 6 in Toronto. ESPN reporter Malika Andrews, who has been covering the Bucks all season, asked a question about the merits of how much experience matters in these tight playoff scenarios. Instead of answering it, the Greek Freak got up and left. Khris Middleton was perplexed to say the least.

It’s hard to get into Antetokounmpo’s head here and figure out whether and what combination this was aggregate frustration over losing the series, a disdain for the question (it was a fair question), or anything specifically to do with Andrews.

Right after the Bucks lost, Andrews published a story examining Giannis’s future:

Who knows if Giannis had seen or heard about that story when he walked out, but if he had perhaps that would explain (though not justify) his behavior.

The reality of the situation is that until Giannis signs the five-year supermax extension the Bucks can give him in a year, people are going speculate on if he might leave Milwaukee. This is the NBA and player movement is discussed more than what actually happens in the game. You can argue whether the merits of that are good or bad in totality for the sport but it’s the world we live in.