VIDEO: Ezekiel Elliott Pulls Woman's Shirt Down at St. Patrick's Day Party, Exposes Her Breast

Ryan Glasspiegel

Ezekiel Elliott was imbibing at a St. Patrick’s Day party in Dallas over the weekend. During the celebration, a woman next to him appeared to be motioning at the Cowboys running back and at her breasts. Then, Elliott pulled her tank top down, exposing her breast, and she quickly covered herself back up.

TMZ spoke with a rep for Elliott:

"We spoke with Elliott’s rep who told us the woman wasn’t upset … and actually hung out with Zeke and a group of friends after the parade ended."

Elliott has been under investigation from the NFL for alleged domestic violence, which he has staunchly denied. The NFL has never said that their investigation concluded.

Whether this action from Elliott was consensual or offensive to the woman in the video, it is presumably not something that the Cowboys organization would want to go viral.