VIDEO: ESPN NBA Draft Lottery Rehearsal Footage Leaks And Knicks Fans Aren't Going to Be Happy


For the last five months, Knicks fans have been openly rooting against their team. “Tank for Zion” has been a common saying amongst the masses inside Madison Square Garden, and tank the Knicks did, finishing with the worst record in the NBA.

In classic Knicks fashion, however, they tanked in the worst possible year, when the NBA changed the rules to give the teams with the three worst record the same odds at the No. 1 pick and the top 6 teams similar odds. But whatever, the Knicks stunk and their fans have been celebrating the possibility of drafting Zion Williamson (or trading that pick for Anthony Davis) since the season ended.

Well, if you believe what happened during ESPN’s rehearsal ahead of tonight’s NBA Draft lottery, Knicks fans are going to be upset. (WARNING: This footage is graphic in nature to Knicks fans and should not be shared with anyone in New York.)

In this footage, the Suns get the first pick and the rights to Zion, the Mavs get the second pick and whatever they would want to do with Ja Morant, and the Knicks…they may have to tank another year if they miss out on Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and any other free agent, because at No. 5 there isn’t a franchise-changer like Zion.

Of course, this is JUST REHEARSAL. Nothing is final or decided. The ping-pong balls haven’t fallen yet. They don’t fall until later tonight. This is NOT a conspiracy against the Knicks. It’s just good ol’ fashion leaked footage. But watching Knicks fans squirm is worth writing these words.