VIDEO: Edge's Return to WWE at Royal Rumble Was Absolutely Electric

Edge at WWE Royal Rumble
Edge at WWE Royal Rumble /

Not that you especially care, but the combination of my dog waking me up at 5:30 A.M. on Sunday and my one-year-old's birthday party in the afternoon formed a tag-team that caused me to fall asleep in the middle of the WWE Royal Rumble, traditionally one of my favorite nights of the year. I told my WWE text thread that this was going to happen, and said "you're welcome" for the fact that the Rumble would be magnificent as to cause me regrets for missing it live.

I was right for a couple of reasons: Drew McIntyre's victory elevated someone new into the main event picture, something WWE viewers have been clamoring about for years. Secondly, Edge returned and got a ginormous pop:

While Edge has been out of WWE for about nine years following a retirement due to neck injury, WWE did telegraph this return a little bit when he came out at the SummerSlam pre-show and delivered a spear to Elias last August. Nonetheless, the way that he performed in the Rumble, taking and delivering a heavy dose of physicality, is a sign that he's going to actually be able to compete in legit matches. Until Sunday, it was unclear if we were ever going to see this day again.

WWE wrestler Kevin Owens aptly summed up a lot of the emotions:

Based on how the Rumble went, it seems like a matchup with Randy Orton could be next on the docket for Edge. Hopefully this can be a sustained run, because he's phenomenally entertaining.