VIDEO: Dwight Howard Tries to Make Nice With Lakers Fans


Dwight Howard is back with the Los Angeles Lakers, whether the franchise’s fans like it or not. On Wednesday, Howard recorded a video speaking directly Lakers fans, telling them he was excited to be back and wanted to make up for his first stint with the franchise.

Check out what Dwight and his monumentally stupid hair had to say:

Howard has been big on referring to this as a “second chance” and, frankly, it is.

It’s something I never thought I’d see, given how horribly his first stretch with the Lakers went. In just one season, Howard essentially wrecked the team internally as he repeatedly clashed with Kobe Bryant, then-head coach Mike D'Antoni and pretty much everyone else. Then, after that one season, he bolted in free agency.

Now, to be fair to Howard, that was seven years ago. He’s now 33 and in a different phase in his career. Maybe this time things will be different, but it’s 100 percent on him to earn the respect of the fans he was talking to in that video.