VIDEO: Drew Lock Raps Jeezy With Great Gusto

Drew Lock puts on for his city.
Drew Lock puts on for his city. /

Rookie quarterback Drew Lock stepped into the starting quarterback role for the Denver Broncos late in the season and acquitted himself quite well. The Missouri product went 4-1 while managing the hell out of games and completing 64 percent of his passes. He may prove to the be quarterback of the future for a franchise in dire need of one.

While that last part remains to be seen, he's doing what he can now to ingratiate himself to football fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Here he is yesterday, on the sidelines, passionately rapping Jeezy's Put On.

Sure, everyone loves this when a pro athlete does it, but when I do it the people at Planet Fitness come and remind me other people are trying to enjoy the gym as well.

Put On came out when Lock was 12 years old if you'd somehow made it to this point of the morning without being made to feel ancient.