VIDEO: Devin Booker Complains About Being Double-Teamed in Open Gym


No one in the NBA seems to want to play organized basketball for the United States this offseason, but they are keeping their games sharp. Ben SimmonsJoakim NoahDevin Booker and others got together to play some ball in the form of an open gym and, as tends to happen in pickup hoops, there was a disagreement.

Not about the score or a 50-50 call. No, folks, this was a debate about defensive ethics.

Booker took great exception to being double-teamed because, in his words, they should all be working on their game.

Noah, who has made a lot of money incorporating defense into his game, reminded Booker that this type of defense is part of the game. And it’s hard not to side with the veteran. Especially when you read how seriously Booker was taking things.

Ben Simmons couldn’t contain Devin Booker.

Blow by. Left-handed dunk.

In the next highlight, Booker turns the corner on Simmons with left-handed dribble and switches in the air to right hand for scoop layup.

All of this is in a long sleeved, black hoodie, too.

Booker has clearly been putting in work this summer going into the 2019-20 season.

He looks fresh. Has that bounce and talk to go with it.

Asked to chill, Booker replied: “Just working, bro. I haven’t been to the playoffs yet.”

This would be an appropriate place for that Blinking Guy GIF.

It’s absolutely wild for me to think that there are people who are going to take Booker’s side here but maybe that’s the beauty of a basketball run. You get a bunch of people who see the world differently out on the court and make the best of it. There’s always going to be some friction.

Perhaps we can all agree that at least it wasn’t zone defense being employed because that’s for cowards.