VIDEO: David Ortiz Poured Vodka Into Frank Thomas' Drink, Got Him Good


Everyone is thrilled to see a healthy and vibrant David Ortiz back on television, providing analysis for the American League side of the playoff bracket on Fox Sports. Well, everyone except for Frank Thomas, who has a serious HR complaint to lodge against his co-worker.

Big Papi fiendishly pranked the Big Hurt by pouring a liberal amount of vodka into his water bottle. Why is there so much hard alcohol on the set? Because live coverage is stressful. Also, congrats on the product exposure, Tito's.

Everyone is different but it certainly seems as though Thomas was a bit slow on the uptake. It took awhile for him to realize that something was amiss. The video shows a sip, a swallow, and a near bottle discard before a reaction materialized. It's been a while since I've downed a water-vodka mix but I do remember H20 not being an elite masking agent. Strong Creed Bratton biting into an onion vibes here.

How will Thomas get Ortiz back? One free idea is to gradually slip more and more Nugenix into his coffee cup until he's feeling TOO strong and TOO sexually vibrant. That'll teach him.