VIDEO: Allow Dan Orlovsky to Show You How Bad the Eagles Receivers Were Yesterday

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles
Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles / Corey Perrine/Getty Images

A good way to get eyes to immediately glaze over is to mention film study or the amount of time you, an analyst, has spent eating game tape. At least that's what I, a self-described normal sports fan, think. I could be wrong. Perhaps others are more locked into the All-22 without the distraction of raking leaves or helping a buddy move or running back to the store because you got 2 Percent milk instead of skim.

So with that in mind, it's a real skill for a talking head to be able to break things down so even the idiots like me can understand it. And Dan Orlovsky, as it's been said before, is very good at doing so.

Here he is making quick work of the Philadelphia Eagles receiving corps, which did Carson Wentz no favors in a loss to Seattle yesterday and, really, hasn't done him any favors for a long time.

That isn't to say there shouldn't be some serious concerns about Wentz. For every three plays you can pin on the receiver, there are three where he didn't even give his guys a chance. See last week against New England.

The truest answer as to what's ailing the Eagles offense is that it's complicated. Which is probably worse than if there was a singular problem with either the quarterback or wide receivers. And it's all interconnected.

So, uh, good luck winning out to make the playoffs.