Video: Dan Le Batard Tears Up Upon Learning About John Skipper News On-Air


ESPN president John Skipper resigned today, citing substance addiction. Dan Le Batard has frequently been vocal in support of Skipper, a close personal friend of his, and was understandably very choked up upon learning of the news. In the segment above, Le Batard read the statement from Skipper and ESPN, and unsuccessfully fought off tears.

“I want you to understand something — and I don’t know what’s coming; I haven’t talked to him so I don’t know how he’s doing, and I care about him — but just so you understand, this person has created everything that exists here at ESPN for us. He did it because of how he cares about minorities and their causes. And so every success that we’ve had — I didn’t want to work for ESPN; I wanted to work for this man — and I’m just sort of shocked and hurt and scared. Not for anything material. Just scared because I want him to be okay. Because this is not gonna be a fun storm, whatever comes next after this.”

Le Batard was very transparent in his vulnerability, and these segments should be greeted with empathy, not derision.