VIDEO: Dan Le Batard Producer Reads Miami Herald Engagement Story to Him On-Air


Earlier today, weekly Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz contributor and decades-long friend of Le Batard Greg Cote broke the news in the Miami Herald that Dan recently got engaged to his girlfriend, Valerie Scheide:

The story broke right before the Le Batard Show went on-air nationally, and evidently Cote broke the news without Le Batard’s permission. When the show came on air, Le Batard was going through a gauntlet of emotions. He was shocked, bemused, and overwhelmed by an outpouring of text messages.

One of Le Batard’s producers, Billy Gil, read the Herald story on-air as Le Batard and the rest of his crew reacted to it. Since that segment, Le Batard left the studio presumably to hash things out with Cote and also to smooth things over with anyone close to him who learned about his engagement in the newspaper.

All in all, it’s fascinating content.