VIDEO: Dallas Sports Reporter Cancels Jerry Jones Interview Due to Anthem Question Restrictions

Kyle Koster

Fox 4 Dallas’ Mike Doocy was ready to interview Cowboys owner Jerry Jones from team camp last night. But the reporter pulled the plug on the sit-down after being informed Jones would not be responding to any questions regarding the NFL’s national anthem controversy. This is how the station filled the time blocked out for that content instead.

Jones, who broke protocol by speaking out on the issue last week, is indicating he’s going to shush up for real this time.

"Jones informed several local media televisions stations who had booked him for interviews on their Sunday night show from training camp in Oxnard, Calif., that questions about the national anthem and his team’s policy were not permitted because the NFL had told him to stop speaking on the matter."

If so, that’s a rare smart move from the NFL. If you want the controversy to go away, you have to stop feeding it oxygen. Of course, there are much bigger and more powerful catalysts at play.

Doocy gave a thorough explanation for why he made the last-second decision and admitted he wasn’t sure if it was the correct thing to do. Reasonable minds may disagree.