VIDEO: Cris Carter Is Hearing Kevin Durant Will Be All The Way Back Sooner Than Expected


Cris Carter is back in the news again today and this time, his sources indicate that Kevin Durant will be ready to play in full capacity in six and a half months.

Coming off a torn Achilles tendon, Durant was reported to be sidelined for the entirety of the 2019-2020 season. An Achilles injury is one of the most devastating in sports and requires a long recovery time that may never result in a full heal. History is instructive: players who recover from Achilles injuries tend to miss a year of game action and produce the same production they did prior to the injury.

Carter may have been one of the best wide receivers in NFL history, but I’m not taking his “sources” and medical diagnosis of Durant seriously. Twitter-famous doctor David J. Chao chimed in, saying that Carter’s claims were not true — for what that’s worth.

We’ve seen miraculous recoveries in sports before. Just take a look at Adrian Peterson, who returned just eight months after tearing his MCL and ACL en route to winning the 2012 NFL MVP award. However, even though Peterson is an anomaly, it still took him eight months to recover from the injury. For Durant, who suffered an even more devastating injury than Peterson, it will take longer.

If Carter happens to miraculously be right, I will dye my hair pink.

You have my word.