VIDEO: Colin Cowherd Compares Dallas Cowboys to Mark Jackson's Golden State Warriors

By Geoff Magliocchetti
Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks
Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

A Dallas Cowboys victory didn't stop Colin Cowherd from critiquing from the organization less than 24 hours later.

Dallas (6-4) triumphed over the Detroit Lions 35-27 on the road Sunday, but Cowherd still took aim at head coach Jason Garrett.

"Generally in the NFL, your Super Bowl ceiling, there's three things that knock you out," Cowherd said during Monday's edition of The Herd. "Our quarterback stinks. Not an issue. Our offensive line just can't hold up. Not their issue. Our defense is god-awful. No. They have the number-one ranked offense, the number two ranked offensive line, and the number seventh-ranked defense. We got a's the coaching."

"Everything's getting better around Dallas, except the coaching."

Garrett has been at the helm of the Cowboys since an interim stint in 2010. He has been relatively successful with an 83-63 record, but the Cowboys have failed to advance past the NFC Divisional Playoff round (a streak dating back to 1996). Garrett has also failed to earn consecutive playoff appearances, though that will change if the Cowboys hold their current lead in the NFC East.

"They're the sports car in the showroom," Cowherd said of Dallas. "They're pretty to watch. They've got the young star running back (Ezekiel Elliott), and the star quarterback who's getting better (Dak Prescott), and the offensive line is unbelievable, and the star on the helmet...and yet, they're 6-4 and struggled with Jeff Driskel."

Dallas led for a majority of Sunday's visit to Ford Field, but generally allowed Detroit to keep pace. The aforementioned Driskel, making his second career start in Detroit with Matthew Stafford out, threw two touchdown passes. Cowherd also notes that Dallas has lost to each of the current playoff teams they've faced so far (Green Bay, New Orleans, Minnesota).

"Folks, they have a hole. It's called coaching," Cowherd declares. "Everybody over the last two years has gotten better except the coaching."

After, particularly bestowing praise on the improvement of Prescott, Cowherd compares the current Dallas situation to the Golden State Warriors' Mark Jackson days. Like the Garrett-led Cowboys, Golden State enjoyed success under Jackson (two playoff appearances in three seasons) but never advanced past the second round. The Warriors went on to win five straight conference crowns (and three NBA championships) once Steve Kerr took over for Jackson in 2015.

Cowherd believes a similar "turbo boost" could help Dallas finally move forward.

"It wasn't that Mark Jackson failed," Cowherd clarifies. "The defense was very good. They were shiny, and pretty, and fun, and they had shooters, they had talent. They won a playoff series, and it was not an easy move to make because Mark Jackson won. Mark Jackson got the playoffs and won."

"But, in the end, you had to make the move. It's just like the CEO of a company that had the product. It's a really, really good product, and it's selling. But you're like, 'my sales manager, we should be better than this'. The product's better than the results. And (they're) at 6-4, struggling to beat Jeff Driskel."

Dallas will have a big opportunity to defy Cowherd's playoff team criticism next weekend, as they take on the AFC-leading New England Patriots.