VIDEO: Buffalo-Eastern Michigan Looks Completely Ridiculous, Very Gray


Today in Ypsilanti, the sky isn't the only thing looking overcast.

The local Eastern Michigan University Eagles, in an apparently dour attempt to gain a Boise-like color tradition, have taken on a gray color since the 2014 season. It's been somewhat lucky...the Eagles have made two bowl games since going gray after making just two prior postseason appearances from 1971-2013...but it creates some some awkward situations like the one seen on Saturday.

November has opened with a visit from the University of Buffalo Bulls, who rang in Thanksgiving season with a equally gray outlook. The only apparent difference between the field and the Bulls was the latter's blue numerals.

Apparently, the similarities are doing a number on the Eagles' defense. They began the Mid-American Conference tilt with an opening touchdown, but UB has gone on to score 29 unanswered points. That 29-7 lead has currently stretched into the third quarter.