VIDEO: Bill Belichick Needed to Know What the Deal Was with the Roof


Famous detail-noticer and football savant Bill Belichick used his powers of observation to look up and see the sky shortly before Super Bowl LIII began. He sought answers from referee John Parry about the plan for the roof’s closing. His reaction to hearing that it was to come in concert with the opening kick is priceless.

This is, perhaps, my favorite Belichick clip. First, it’s a very human and reasonable response to hearing about this completely unnecessary bit of showmanship.

Secondly, the implication here, as so often when these clips of coaches paying attention come to light, is that a less observant member of the coaching fraternity wouldn’t be on this. They’d be looking up in the air, completely ambivalent to the gaping air hole and wouldn’t get to the bottom of things when it could mean an extra two or three yards of field position.

Finally, it is so refreshing to see Belichick get cranky for the right reasons. If anything deserves a dismissive look and incredulous reply, it’s hearing about a roof-based stunt impacting a strategic decision of the biggest game on the planet.