VIDEO: Auburn Softball Player Has Beef With Florida Coach in Handshake Line


Auburn defeated Florida in softball 1-0 today. In the handshake line, there was some animosity. Auburn shortstop Haley Fagan did not have her hand up in the line. Florida coach Tim Walton, whether he was on autopilot or offended by the gesture, tapped Fagan on the shoulder. She turned around and gave him a push in the back. She had some words in the general direction of her opponents before being restrained by her teammates.

Larry Brown Sports points out a possible source of the beef: “We know there is some beef between the Fagan family and Walton, as Haley’s sisters, Sami and Kasey, started off at Florida before transferring after being kicked off the team.”

At the time of this news, in 2012, Fagan’s father said that his daughters had been released because there had been “an altercation on the team.”